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HIMS Thermostat Relays

Didn’t get too much done tonight but I soldered some leads off of one of the surface mount relays I purchased from Jameco. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some minimal testing with it in the next few days to verify it works as I think it should.

HIMS – Thermostat

Well, the first part of my thermostat project is coming together. I’ve validated that I can power the Raspberry pi from a 24V AC source with what I’d consider minimal additional components. I’m still waiting for Adafruit to get the capacitive touch screen in stock but I believe this setup will be capable of powering the entire system. I created a forum thread for a brief “how to” on this topic. You can find it here. The next thing I will be testing are some relays that just arrived from Jameco which I’ll use to signal the HVAC unit to come on or shut off.

 Here is a schematic and my bench top setup:24VAC_to_5VDC_Schematic24AC_TO_DC

Home Intelligent Management System Thermostat

I’ve decided one of my next projects to integrate into the HIMS will be a thermostat. I’ve started investigating the hardware that will be required. I’m leaning towards a touchscreen display for visualization and basic control while the primary configuration is done via HIMS in a web browser. There’s 24V AC available at my existing thermostat to work with so I may try to power the whole thing from that or run a separate 120V AC power source to the thermostat location. I’ve purchased some surface mount relays for signaling the unit to run and will be experimenting with those once they arrive. The hardest part will be finding a “cool” case to mount everything inside of. More to come on this as things progress.

Home Intelligence Management System Doorbell Control

I think I’ve got the Home Intelligence Management System Doorbell control working. I’ll post more pictures and information soon. It’s pretty basic but will allow me to use the raspberry pi and a relay module to shut the doorbell chime off during a set off interval. This will help keep people from ringing the doorbell when the kids are asleep!

Raspberry Pi HIMS / Electric Water Heater Control Update

The HIMS / Water Heater control project has come along. I’ve started a forum thread to display the final results found here. I’ve included a few images below. I’ll be posting the code soon along with some other images of the logged data in the Mysql database.

HIMS Home Screen:
HIMS_HomeWater Heater Configuration Page:
HIMS_WH_ControlWater Heater Status Page:
HIMS_WH_StatusOutside Control Box:
Water_Heater_Outside_BoxInside Control Box View 1:
Water_Heater_Open1Inside Control Box View 2:Water_Heater_Open2Inside Control Box View 3:Water_Heater_Inside3

HIMS Electric Water Heater Control

My water heater control system utilizing Raspberry Pis has gone live. I’ve still got some testing to do and features to add but it appears functional. The CT I’m using also is showing the current when the water heater is on and it appears relatively accurate to what the unit is rated for. As I get things finalized, I’ll take some time to document and post the info here.

HIMS Progress

I’ve made some good progress with the water heater controls / HIMS. My wordpress plugin is functioning allowing me to update settings on the remote Raspberry Pi. I’m also able to dump the log data into the Mysql database which I’m still refining. I still have a lot of work to do before installing it on my water heater but things are definitely much closer. I was also able to use my memory card reader and hook up the “bad” SD card into one of my other Raspberry Pis and pull off my Python programs. The file structure appeared fine so some of the boot files must have become corrupted on it. It’s probably fixable and I may mess around with it later to see if I can get it to boot from the card again. Hopefully more to come soon with pictures and possibly code.

Raspberry Pi Trouble & Python Network Messages

Well, I spent what time I had last night and tonight troubleshooting one of my Raspberry Pis. I couldn’t connect in via my VNC client so did a hard boot on it. I ended up with just a solid red PWR light. After investigating I determined the SD card is bad or corrupted. I ordered a new SD card from Amazon last night, received it today, and loaded a fresh Raspbian image. The Pi then booted and I was able to get x11vnc going again. I’ll have to do some further investigation on my other SD card to determine if the OS was just corrupted or if the SD card is truly bad. In any case, I lost several of the python programs I had created on there. Lesson learned, BACKUP!

On a side note, I did determine a method to trigger a Raspberry Pi to download updated data from a Mysql database. I followed the guide found here to send messages over the network using python. My plan is to utilize a PHP form to run a separate python script which will send a message to the remote Raspberry Pi which will essentially trigger it to go query the mysql database to download any changes the user makes in the Home Intelligence Management System I’m working on. This will eliminate me from having to constantly query the database looking at a flag indicating the data has changed. Next step, put together a functioning python program to control my water heater then be able to control it via a WordPress Plugin.