Monthly Archives: March 2014

Started looking into Raspberry Pi Java

I decided to start getting a little more familiarized with using Java on the Raspberry Pi since OpenDNP3 supports Java. I’m not a fan of Java but there’s a lot of support out there so figured I might as well try to familiarize myself with it a little more. Today I was able to setup Pi4J and get a few of the examples working with my model B pi. I also added a few posts in the forum section in the “how to” section.

Raspberry Pi DNP3 Master / Remote

So I decided to look into what sort of capabilities may exist to utilize the Raspberry Pi as a master station RTU and also a remote station RTU using DNP3. I’m just getting started with this and will document my steps and progress in the forum for my own memory and to aid others that may be looking to do the same thing.

It begins!

Tinker Labz was created on March 19th, 2014 primarily for documenting my own projects. I decided to make the site public to share and expand upon all of the other great work everyone is doing with the Raspberry Pi and other tinkering type projects.