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Raspberry Pi HIMS / Electric Water Heater Control Update

The HIMS / Water Heater control project has come along. I’ve started a forum thread to display the final results found here. I’ve included a few images below. I’ll be posting the code soon along with some other images of the logged data in the Mysql database.

HIMS Home Screen:
HIMS_HomeWater Heater Configuration Page:
HIMS_WH_ControlWater Heater Status Page:
HIMS_WH_StatusOutside Control Box:
Water_Heater_Outside_BoxInside Control Box View 1:
Water_Heater_Open1Inside Control Box View 2:Water_Heater_Open2Inside Control Box View 3:Water_Heater_Inside3

HIMS Electric Water Heater Control

My water heater control system utilizing Raspberry Pis has gone live. I’ve still got some testing to do and features to add but it appears functional. The CT I’m using also is showing the current when the water heater is on and it appears relatively accurate to what the unit is rated for. As I get things finalized, I’ll take some time to document and post the info here.