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Raspberry Pi – Home Intelligent Management System – Electric Water Heater Local GUI

It’s working! My Raspberry Pi Tkinter app now allows me to view and change the status of my water heater locally connected to the Raspberry Pi. It also updates the HIMS mysql database so that I can also view and change the settings on the HIMS. I’ll run through some additional testing then post code eventually.

Here’s a screenshot of the status page. It essentially shows if the unit is on or off and what the temperature is:
Here’s a screenshot of the settings page. It allows me to set up to 4 off sequences along with enabling data logging. Sequence 4 doesn’t work at this time but I set it up for 4 sequences.



Raspberry Pi – Electric Water Heater Controls Update

I’ve made progress updating the python code for my electric water heater control project. With a few more hours of time, I should be ready to start testing the updated program out in more detail. Once it’s complete. I’ll post the code and some updated screenshots. I anticipate it to be much more reliable and efficient that my first take on the code assuming the SD card doesn’t get corrupted. At least with my tweaks even with a corrupted SD card I should still have hot water!