Monthly Archives: May 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 Plex Media Server for Car

I’m looking at taking a road trip and thought it would be handy to have a Plex Media Server available in the car for streaming shows. I already run Plex Media Server on a desktop machine but wanted something small for the car. After looking around on the web I saw people had it working with a Raspberry Pi 2. The Raspberry Pi 3 recently was released and has some advantages over the 2 so I went with that. This is the start of my own guide for getting it setup. I plan on also setting up the PI as a wireless access point using the built in WIFI.

  1. Loaded Jessie on a 16GB SD Card for now (will probably order a larger one once I get everything setup).
  2. Performed a sudo apt-get update and upgrade.
  3. Found this guide that “NedtheNerd” created in the Plex forums (Thanks Ned!) This guide was also helpful with a slightly different take.

Performed some basic testing and was able to stream content to my Ipad plex client and a fire tablet usign VLC viewer at the same time. Streaming two streams seems problematic though so I need to do more testing.