Raspberry Pi LAMP Server WordPress Install

I installed WordPress on my Raspberry Pi LAMP server the other day. Ran into a few issues using sudo apt-get install wordpress but ended up getting it working. It’s a touch slow but does operate. Right away I decided to test updating a plugin and found that it was asking for FTP information. I had no plans on installing FTP access on the server but saw that this could be addressed using suPHP. I attempted to install suPHP and got myself into trouble. Ultimately, I could not get it working right and spent some time removing it and getting things working again the way it was. I was able to finally get it working again and found another guide on getting updates to work securely. You can find the site here. Unfortunately, I ran into some other issues related to privileges I believe. I’m currently down to this error when I try to update:

An error occurred while updating Twenty Thirteen: Could not remove the old theme.

To be continued . . .

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