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Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Hangs at Black Screen with Flashing Cursor after Upgrade

Well, after a ton of troubleshooting I finally figured out why my Raspberry Pi is hanging at a black screen with a cursor after I do a sudo apt-get upgrade.

I’ve been following the guide below on resizing my partition so that it was slightly smaller than the full 16GB of my SD card. I do this so I can make a complete image and back it up without worrying about the slight differences in sizes of SD cards.


Unfortunately, I kept missing the last step of running sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2. If you skip this step and reboot prior to this step, the system comes up fine and you wouldn’t think there would be a problem. It was at that point I’d do a sudo apt-get update then a upgrade and reboot. Upon rebooting is when it would halt at the black screen with cursor. I doubt many others will have this problem but figured I’d post something in case it helps someone else.