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    I recently purchased a pack of 2 NRF24L01+ Transceivers from Amazon found here. These are 2.4GHz transceivers that work with the Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s. I paid $6.85 for the setup of two Prime.
    NRF24L01+ Transceiver Image

    This thread will describe how to get the basics setup to use the transceiver with the Arduino Nano. To download the NRF24L01+ Datasheet, click here.

    1. Download the appropriate library found here, and extract the files to your Arduino Software folder under Libraries. The exact directory may vary depending on where you installed the software.

    I’ll note that there are several code examples found on the same page as the library.

    2. Physically wire the NRF24L01+ transceiver to the Arduino Nano using the wiring diagram below.
    Arduino Nano - NRF24L01+ Wiring Diagram
    It should be noted that some users have power issues with the transceiver and address this by adding a 10uF capacitor directly on the module across the VCC and GND pins. If you do this the diagram would change to the one below.
    Arduino Nano - NRF24L01+ Wiring Diagram With 10uF Capacitor

    With the library installed and the device wired to the Arduino, you’re ready to begin testing sketches.

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